Masdina Company Limited

Including a waste disposer or food waste shredder, CiviO is a food waste disposer that converts waste to compost in 24 hours to reduce waste and global warming. There are also other products such as Dry Mixing Machine, Fluid Bed Dryer, High Shear Mixer, Tablet Press, Tablet Pack Machine. Blister Pack, Capsule Filling, Liquid Filling in Hard Capsule, Cartoner, Check Weigher, Camera Inspection of tablets and capsules in the pharmaceutical panel (Camera Inspection), the traceability system (Track and Trace), the system for detecting the disease mark. (Serialization) and other products. Associated with the pharmaceutical industry, which MassDina Co., Ltd. was established to support the growth of the domestic market in Thailand in the pharmaceutical industry and other industries that require automation and machines that help protect the environment. The company aims to create machines and products that conform to the principles. Bio-Circular-Green Economy by developing machines to support waste management and use alternative materials to reduce plastic use and support environmentally beneficial changes. and focus on stability and sustainability in both economic and environmental development.

CiviO garbage disposal

The Civio is a garbage disposal that has important features such as a built-in chopper and can hold all types of food scraps. Easy to use and maintain There are special microorganisms to decompose food waste in 24 hours, with a structure made of stainless steel. and has a touch screen display showing usage results CiviO waste disposers aim to contribute to Zero Waste by reducing greenhouse gas and methane emissions. reduce energy consumption Reduce the amount of waste to be handled. and create the importance of reducing waste in society which is an important part in creating a sustainable society and environment.

conveyor belt

FLEXIBLE CONVEYOR (flexible conveyor belt) is a highly flexible conveyor system. which can be bent as needed This system uses belts that can be flexible and bendable. The belt is made of a plastic type of Cermoplastic. (Thermoplastic) with high resistance to corrosion. Flexible conveyor systems are commonly used to transport heavy or bulky objects. The form of bending can be adjusted according to the needs of use. It is convenient and versatile in installation. And the length of the system can be adjusted according to the area used.

Pharmaceutical machinery

The company is the official distributor of ACG’s pharmaceutical machinery in India. ACG is the only company in the world that can produce and sell machinery. The entire process of the pharmaceutical industry, Solid Dosage type