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Mass Dyna Company Limited was established in 2012. The current company’s goal is to respond to the development and promotion of machines and products that help to protect the environment. including a campaign to separate waste to reduce global warming to help reduce the global average temperature rise caused by the greenhouse effect Promoting food security and agriculture, well-being and moving towards a digital society. To be compatible with the drive based on the BCG economy model.
The company itself is determined to drive and help promote the country’s policies. coupled with the use of technology “Transition” focuses on environmental machinery manufacturing, waste management, use of plastics and alternative materials. to change accordingly Bio-Circular-Green It is an economic development that does not focus only on economic development. But it must be developed in parallel with social development and environmental protection in a balanced manner for stability and sustainability.

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Bio Composter Machine

Innovative food waste changer and organic waste as fertilizer within 24 hours.

Main Features Built-in chopper In-Built Shredder Machines range from 10 kg to 5,000 kg / Batch per day.

Food Waste Convertion Machine (Bio Composter)

Food waste is the largest amount of waste compared to other types of waste. Moreover, when disposed of by landfill, it will generate methane. which is one of the major gases that cause global warming CiviO’s Food Waste to Fertilizer Disposal will reduce the amount of waste and methane. The Bio Composter Food Waste Disposer is a food waste disposal that uses bio-technology to decompose food waste. It can reduce food waste by 80-90% in 24 hours. The result is high quality organic fertilizer. Which can be used as a soil conditioner, accelerated leaves, accelerated flowering in agricultural horticulture. or use to nourish trees Promote a circular economy and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers in the agricultural sector.


Why does a waste disposal machine need a chopper? ..!!Many people may not know.

CiviO will tell you about the benefits of having a chopper that many people may overlook. There are slots for easy use. No need to chop food scraps And no more hassles of classifying. Separating only two types of waste, Compost and Non-Compost, no more labor to waste in separating waste, bone, fishbone, and vegetable stalk, increasing the efficiency of the machine. More energy-saving than a machine without a chopper, no odor, no insects, no germs, increased safety, no need for a separate chopper.

CiviO Features Junk Cleaner

(Features) There is a strong chopper, can crush all types of food scraps, Touch Screen control, display the work, heat/humid sensor system, with wheels, easy to move, there is a heating system to control the growth temperature. of microorganisms turn food waste into fertilizer within 24 hours.

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Food waste

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Change to organic fertilizers

Use it to nourish trees/fruits

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